“All for a nominal fee”
We’ve been blessed to be able to travel to many parts of the world.   We have flown to other cities in America for vacations or meetings. We have flown internationally for vacations or meetings.  We have flown places to catch a cruise ship.   We have flown to Caribbean islands to stay at an all-inclusive resort

One of the coolest things I like is the VIP service some airports now offer for a small fee.

In Jamaica, not only do they welcome you with your name on a sign, but then they escort you around the immigration line- to the front of the line- and walk you to baggage claim.  Once all your bags are collected they take you to Club Mobay for snacks and drinks (including Red Stripe) while you await your transfer.

In Panama, not only did they have our name on the sign, but they also gave us a glass of welcome Champagne (sparkling wine)

After a long flight, or even a short one (ours was just three hours direct from Orlando), it was a nice treat!

This surely beats going it alone.

Even Supershuttle has private transfers which compared to a shared shuttle is a dream!

Private vs Shared

Private: For the few dollars more, a private transfer will take you from point A to point B.

Shared: A shared transfer can make several stops before getting to the destination.
And then there is Uber (future blog post)

And then there is Mobile Passport (future blog post).